I'm afraid that we are not taking on any new registrations for the Telesave service, and from 1st February 2021 we will begin to close down the service for our existing customers.

Please click here for a copy of the notice that was sent out to all our customers

If you have any questions please let us know by emailing support@telesave.co.uk.

Thank you for all your custom and support over the years - we really have appreciated it.


Telesave - the best quality phone calls at the best rates!


New rates - many destinations slashed in price!

*** If you have received an automated phone call from a company with a name similar to Telesave
 - please be aware that it is not us nor anything to do with our company ***


It's so easy to budget - you get your balance each time you use our system and you can even get a breakdown of your call record online!

There are no catches, no extra charges and our lines are fantastic - no eternal crackling with Telesave!

Use it from your landline or mobile - we don't charge any differently! 

With our 'Traveller' service you can use your account around the world, so you can save money wherever you are!


Our service is easy to use, requires no special equipment and our customer service is great - try it and see!


If you are still using 'regular' Telesave (1460 or 0800 018 5674)  - please click here.
If you'd like to move to Telesave at home, please
contact us for help.
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