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If you need to find a UK number, give our Directory Enquiries service a call on 11 86 96 or choose option *8 from our menu.  Calls are charged at just £1 per call plus 2p Access Charge if you dial from Telesave! (Please check the service charge with your provider if you are calling from a different pone.)
It's great value too - BT's 118500 is charged at £5.50 connection charge and £2.75 per minute thereafter, plus your service provider's Access Charge.

So once again. you save with Telesave! 

Hand writing

Get your pen ready!  You can get all the numbers you need with Telesave's great UK directory enquiries service!

All rates shown include VAT and are charged in one second increments.
All comparisons against BT rates are from the BT Price List on 05/08/2005 and are against BT's standard daytime rate unless otherwise stated. Whilst best endeavors have been made to ensure that these comparisons are accurate, we cannot guarantee it.

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