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Q:  I'm in France, I've dialled the Telesave Traveller freephone access number but  I can't use my account - what do I do now?!
A:  Did you ask us to set up your account so that you could use the Telesave Traveller feature?  As you don't mention entering a phonecard number, perhaps you didn't? If that is the case, please contact us, we'll set it up for you and then you'll be able to use it!

Q:  My card number has changed and I can't credit my account!
A:  If you could please e-mail us with your phone number and full address, we'll reset your card details so that you can use your new card to charge your account.

Q:  I'm moving; will I be able to keep my Telesave account?
A:  You certainly can!  Please e-mail us at with your old and your new number together with your new address and we'll transfer your account across.

Q:  I'm studying in the UK at the moment; do I have to let you know when I'm going to return home even if I don't have any credit remaining?
A:  You don't have to but we advise that you do as that way we can ensure that for your security, features such as speed recharge are removed from your account.  Even if you're only going home for the summer, it's worth letting us know so that we can remove these features during your absence then they can be put back on when you return.

Q:  I'd like to link my work phone to my account but it goes through a switchboard.  Can it still be linked?
A:  Yes.  Please leave a message on our Customer Service line (0800 066 4066) giving your home phone number (the number your Telesave account is on), your work phone number and the time you're leaving the message - that way we'll be able to pick up the CLI presented by your work switchboard.  Also, your work number will be set up as a PIN account for your security, if you don't want the four digits you chose as a security number on your main account to be your work PIN, please give a four digit PIN when you leave your message.
Q:  I made a mistake when entering my credit card details and now it won't let me credit my account, even though I know I entered them correctly this time.  What do I do?
A:  Please contact Customer Service at or leave a message via 0800 066 4066 and we'll help!
Q:  Can I send a fax via Telesave?
A:  Yes.  If your fax machine is on a different number, please contact Customer Service and we'll link it to your main account.  Then enter 12450 (or 0800 066 2266) into your fax machine, hit the pause button a few times and then enter the number you wish to send a fax to (with full area and/or country code).  If you're sending a fax from your computer, put commas (we find 3 or 4 will do the trick) between the Telesave access code and the number you're faxing.

Q:  Will calls made on Telesave appear on my BT (or cable) bill?
A:  No. All calls made by first dialling our access number 12450 (or 0800 066 2266) will not appear as the cost of these calls will be deducted from your Telesave balance.

Q:  How do I know how long my balance will last?
A:  Any time that your balance will last less than 180 minutes to the destination you have called we will tell you how long you can talk for before the call starts to ring.  This way you can calculate exactly how long you can spend on the phone!

Q:  Can I use my Telesave account from a friend's phone or from a phone box?
A:  No.  Your Telesave account is linked to the phone number that you used to register.  So if you phoned from home, your home phone number is the only number you can use to access your Telesave account (you can of course use as many phones as are connected to that number).  If you want a Telesave account on a different phone number please call or e-mail Customer Services and ask for that number to be linked to your Telesave account.

Q:  I made a call with Telesave but it's appeared on my BT bill!
A:  Then the call didn't go through Telesave!  You must have forgotten to dial 12450 (or 0800 066 2266) before making your call.  It is impossible for a call made via Telesave to appear on your BT bill.
Q:  Will my credit balance expire if I don't use my account for a while?
A:  Yes.  It will expire one calendar year after the last charged call or top up (whichever was the latest) and your credit balance will be set to zero.  To avoid this happening, if you know you're not going to use your account for a long time please apply to us for a refund.

Q:  Doesn't cheap mean poor quality?
A:  Not in our case it doesn't! We have negotiated the best possible rates with quality telephone carriers, so with us although the prices are cheap you don't have to worry about bad connections, or busy lines.  If you should find that you have a problem calling a particular destination, please contact us as soon as you can so that we can look into it.

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