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Normally telephone companies spend large amounts of money on their administration, support and advertising departments; by marketing over the Internet we are able to eliminate a lot of these costs and to use the savings to provide great rates.  We haven't cut standards when picking our telecommunication partners though, so the quality of your calls won't suffer!  Also our customer support is second to none and we receive many commendations from our customers who are delighted with the quality of our service.
�20 pound note Why pay for someone else's advertising or admin costs?  Keep your money in your pocket!
There really is no catch!
There's no minimum call spend (for many other services you must spend a certain amount a month to get the best rates), there is no administration charge or membership fee and no sneaky add-ons!  All calls are charged exactly as it says in our rates list in per second units.  We do make a minimum charge of 4p for each call though this isn't on top of your call charge; so if you were on the phone to France for four minutes then the cost of your call would be 8p (4 minutes of call time to France @ 2p per minute) as the minimum call charge of 4p would have been covered by the cost of your call.

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