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What is Telesave Traveller?  |  How to use it  Call cost examples


Check to see if the country you are planning to visit is in our 'Country you're calling from' list below and, if it is, then contact us.  We will then e-mail you with everything you'll need to use Telesave Traveller!


Next to the country you are calling from. you'll see the rate for calls made to our freephone access number from a landline, a mobile phone and a payphone.  The freephone access rate is added to the cost of your call - there are some examples of call costs on the next page, please have a look at them.

Many new Traveller surcharges -
please note the new surcharge for your country

Cost calling from a:

Country you're calling from Landline Mobile Payphone
Dial the access number below followed by the number you want to call:
             Surcharge rates are per minute and include VAT

Mobile surcharge is for mobiles belonging to the country you're in - not for a UK mobile roaming abroad.

Three Dial the freephone access number for the country you're calling from, enter your phonecard number (supplied by us when you let us know you want to use Telesave Traveller), you'll then get your balance and can make your calls as normal!


Freephone Numbers

You can now use Telesave Traveller to call UK freephone numbers from abroad!  Access your Traveller account as normal and then dial the UK freephone number.  All you pay for is the per minute Traveller surcharge, the UK freephone is free!


Telesave Traveller in the UK

If you're travelling around the UK and want to use your Telesave account from a variety of locations - just let us know and we'll set you up for Telesave Traveller!  So not only can you use Telesave at home from your mobile but now, with Telesave Traveller, you can use it from any phone anywhere in the UK!  Please note:  If you use Telesave Traveller from a pay phone there is a 80p per minute surcharge.  Remember, if you use Telesave Traveller within the UK the access number is 0800 066 4567, not our usual cable access number (0800 066 2266).


Calls made via Telesave Traveller have a minimum call charge of 10p rather than our standard 4p - this is because it costs us more to carry these calls.

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