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Please make sure your phone is set to 'tone' rather than 'pulse' (almost all phones are automatically set to 'tone') - in other words when you press a key you hear a 'beep' rather than a click.  If your phone is on pulse, there may be a tone/pulse switch on the side or the bottom, or you may need to press # to get it to work as tone.
Dial 12450 if your phone line is with British Telecom or 0800 066 2266 if your phone line is with a Cable company.  This will take you through to Telesave and you will hear a recorded message giving you your balance.  You then dial the number you wish to call (including the full country and area code if you're calling abroad or the full area code if you're calling within the UK).  
Please note:  Do wait for the balance message to start playing even if you don't want to listen to the whole thing - if you dial 12450 and then the number you wish to call straight away without letting the system connect to Telesave you'll almost certainly get 'number unobtainable'.

Dialing on a phone

When you wish to recharge your account a recharge option is given after your balance information.  If your card details have changed please contact our Customer Service department (e-mail or call on 0800 066 4066).

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