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If there's more than one person using the same phone line you might like to have separate Telesave accounts so that each person has control over their own account.  With our PIN option several people can have Telesave accounts on the same phone line, with each account being securely linked to the individual PIN number so that each person has their own account, credited with their own debit/credit card and nobody ends up paying for someone else's phone calls!

Flatmates working out the phone bill

If you share a phone line with other people and working out who owes what each time the phone bill comes in is a nightmare - get Telesave PIN accounts then each person has their own account!
No bills, no arguments, no hassle!
If you would like your work phone linked to your Telesave at home account you'll need a PIN as your phone will almost certainly go through a switchboard which will present one CLI (Caller Line Identity) for the whole company, even if you have your own individual telephone number.  Without a PIN, your workmates could make calls on your account!  If you would like your work phone linked to your Telesave at home account, please e-mail us or call our Customer Service department on 0800 066 4066 - if possible, please make the call from the work phone you wish to link as that way we can pick up the CLI presented by your company.
Attention students in Halls of Residence:  Your phone will probably go through a switchboard.  If you're at all unsure about whether it does or not, please choose a PIN account to ensure your account is safe!

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