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About PIN accounts  |  Setting up a PIN & making calls  PIN FAQ
Q:  Can we change our existing non-PIN account to a PIN one?
A:  Of course!  Simply e-mail us at and ask for your account to be changed to a PIN account.  Please let us have your phone number and your chosen four digit PIN (if different from the security code chosen by yourself when you originally registered).  Once we have changed your account you will be notified and other residents of your household may register as detailed above.
Q:  We used to use NTL/npower '131' and have cost centres to work out our bill, are your PIN accounts similar?
A:  They're better!  They work in a similar way (each person has their own code) but you don't get a bill, so there's nothing to work out.  Each person puts money on his or her PIN account and then spends it making their own phone calls.  It's as simple as that!
Q:  Can I still have my mobile linked to my PIN account?
A:  You certainly can!!  Please let us have your Telesave account number (your registered phone number), the first two digits of your PIN and your mobile number so that we may link it.
Q:  I work from home and do work for several clients.  Could I use your PIN accounts to split my calls so that I can bill each client correctly?
A:  Yes - we have many customers who use our PIN accounts to do precisely that!  Please e-mail us and we'll help you set this up. 
Q:  Will I still be able to get mini-statements with a PIN account?
A:  Sure - you can get both instant and automated mini-statements.  Just enter your phone number and your PIN number as normal.

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