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About PIN accounts  |  Setting up a PIN & making calls  PIN FAQ
The first person to register with Telesave must choose the PIN account for multi-resident households option.  You will then be asked to give a four digit PIN number which you enter via your telephone keypad - please choose a number you find easy to remember as your PIN number shouldn't be left lying around because it's the key to your Telesave account!  Once you've entered a PIN number you'll be talked through the rest of the registration process.  Now that the phone line has been designated as a PIN account line by the first person to register, the next people to register will automatically be asked to supply their chosen PIN when they call the registration line (0800 066 4000).
Now you've got your PIN accounts set up you can relax and celebrate the end of the phone bill wars!

Happy flatmates

To make a call, dial 12450 (from a BT phone) or 0800 066 2266 (from a cable phone).  You will then be asked to enter your four digit PIN.  Once you have entered your PIN you will be through to your Telesave account where you will be given your balance, etc and you can make your call!

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0800 066 4000

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