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About Telesave:
What is Telesave? Full details on our product 
How we can save you money Some sample rates and an explanation of how using our service can save you money
How we do it  Details on how Telesave works and why we're able to offer such great rates
Join now:
How to join How to register with our service
How to make calls How to use Telesave
International Rates for calling abroad
National Rates for calling within the UK
Directory enquiries  Full details of our UK directory enquiries service
Inmarsat  Rates for calling Inmarsat
How to register your mobile How to get your mobile phone linked to your Telesave account
How to make calls Various ways to use Telesave from your mobile
PIN accounts:
About PIN accounts What our PIN accounts are and how they work
Setting up a PIN & making calls  How to create a PIN account and to make calls from it
PIN FAQ  Helpful frequently asked questions and answers about PIN accounts and their uses
Telesave Traveller:
What is Telesave Traveller? What it is and how you can get your account set up to use it
How to use it How to make calls using Telesave Traveller both within the UK and abroad
Call cost examples Some examples of calls made via Telesave Traveller showing how the calls are charged
Free Calls:
Recommend a Friend How to get credit on your Telesave account for recommending us to friends and family!
Dial 'n' Earn  We give you a kick back if you use a non-geographical number to access your account!
Dial 'n' Earn examples  Examples of calls made and monies earned using our Dial 'n' Earn scheme
FAQ Helpful frequently asked questions and answers about our service
Contact us  If you've got a question or a problem, how to contact us
Terms & Conditions  Telesave's terms and conditions of use

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