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What is Telesave Traveller?  |  How to use it  Call cost examples  
If you're travelling within the UK or abroad, then Telesave Traveller is for you!  Now it doesn't matter where you are - you can still use our fantastic service!

We have Freephone access numbers for many different countries - so all you need to do is to go to our 'How to use it' page to find out how you can use your Telesave account from many different countries as well as from locations within the UK!

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With Telesave Traveller you can still use our service even if you're in another country!
To use this service just let us know you'd like Telesave Traveller set up and we'll e-mail you through the details!  You must let us know that you want to use it though as it's something that needs to be set up for you - you can't just call the access numbers and use it; your account needs to be set up for Telesave Traveller use and you'll need a PIN. 

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