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What is Telesave?  |  How we can save your company money
Like Telesave at home, Telesave at work is an  'indirect access product' -  this is a type of phone service licensed by Ofcom which allows you to select an alternative telephone company to carry your calls without changing your BT phone or phone number.
It is also pre-paid so you simply credit your Telesave at work account (by using your credit or debit card) with a chosen amount and then all your calls are deducted from this balance.   If you wanted to add more credit than the automatic system will allow that's no problem - please just contact our Customer Service department and they'll be able to help.  You can get your balance or a call record at any time, so it's easy to keep an eye on your account.
Think of how much money your company would save if you made your calls with Telesave!

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There are quite a few differences between Telesave at work and Telesave at home - some are listed below:
The one main account can be used by many people simultaneously (subject to minimum balance requirements)
Several phone lines may be combined onto one account - so you would have one central account, making control easy
We can provide your company with its own non geographic numbers (for example 0800 or 0845)
You can request automatic monthly mini-statements & VAT receipts

At Telesave, we aim for our phone lines and connections to be of an extremely high standard - so even though we charge a fraction of the 'usual' call cost, we don't compromise on quality!

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