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Q:  We have several employees travelling both around the UK and abroad - can they all use Telesave Traveller to access our company's Telesave at work account?
A:  Certainly, please just contact us, we'll set up your company's account for Telesave Traveller and then your employees will be able to make calls using your Telesave account.

Q:  Our phones don't go through a switchboard and we've got several lines.  Will we still be able to use Telesave?
A:  Yes.  Please register one phone line and then e-mail our Customer Service department at or leave a message via 0800 066 4416 and we'll link the other phone lines so that you have one Telesave at work account but can use it from several phone lines.

Q:  We have your access code programmed into our switchboard and so don't hear a balance message.  How can we keep an eye on our balance?
To get your balance:  dial 12450 196, to recharge your account:  dial 12450 150 and for customer services:  dial 12450 154.

Q:  Our company isn't VAT registered but we'd still like receipts for our recharges; is that possible?
A:  Yes.  Just set up for our automated VAT receipt service and your receipt will come through as normal. 
Q:  We have an office in France but would like a UK number for customers to call.  Can you  help?
A:  Yes.  We can provide you with a non-geographic UK number which will route straight through to your French office.  Please e-mail us to discuss your requirements. 
Q:  Is it possible for you to invoice my company for our phone calls rather than having to prepay?
A:  No.  Telesave at work is purely a prepaid product, which enables us to keep costs down and to be able to offer such excellent rates and service!
Q:  I made a mistake when entering my credit card details and now it won't let me credit my account, even though I know I entered them correctly this time.  What do we do?
A:  Please contact Customer Service at or leave a message via 0800 066 4416 and we'll help! 
Q:  May we send faxes via Telesave?
A:  Yes.  If your fax machine is on a different number, please contact Customer Service and we'll link it to your main account.  Then enter 12450 (or 0800 066 4466) into your fax machine, hit the pause button a few times and then enter the number you wish to send a fax to (with full area and/or country code).  If you're sending a fax from your computer, put commas (we find 3 or 4 will do the trick) between the Telesave access code and the number you're faxing.
NB:  If your phone system is with BT and you don't have voice prompts, you won't need to enter any pauses or commas.
Q:  Our telephone service is provided by a cable company and not BT, can we still use Telesave?
A:  Yes.  It's just as easy to use from cable as it is from BT but instead of dialling 12450 to use the service, simply dial 0800 066 2266 instead!  However, you won't be able to program our access number directly into your switchboard.

Q:  Can the service be used with any type of phone?
A Most phones are fully compatible with the Telesave service as long as it generates 'tones' when you press each number key on the telephone. If it makes a number of clicks (one click when you press '1', two when you press '2'), see if it has a switch on the side marked Tone / Pulse, if so, switch it to the position Tone and then you can use Telesave!

Q:  Will calls made on Telesave appear on my BT (or cable) bill?
A:  No. All calls made by first dialling our access number 12450 (or 0800 066 2266) will not appear on any bill as the cost of these calls will be deducted from your Telesave balance.

Q:  We're moving offices.  How do we transfer our account?
A:  Please e-mail us at with both your old and new number and we will transfer your account across to your new phone.
Q:  Can I get an itemised statement?
A:  Yes.  Please have a look at our internet Mini-Statement information for full details.
Q:  I made a call with Telesave but it's appeared on my BT bill!
A:  Then the call didn't go through Telesave!  You must have forgotten to dial 12450 (or 0800 066 4466) before making your call.  It is impossible for a call made via Telesave to appear on your BT bill.
Q:  Will my credit balance expire if I don't use my account for a while?
A: Yes.  It will expire one calendar year after the last charged call or top up (whichever was the latest) and your credit balance will be set to zero.  To avoid this happening, if you know you're not going to use your account for a long time please apply to us for a refund.

Q:  Doesn't cheap mean poor quality?
A:  Not in our case it doesn't! We have negotiated the best possible rates with quality telephone carriers, so with us although the prices are cheap you don't have to worry about bad connections, or busy lines.  If you should find that you have a problem calling a particular destination, please contact us as soon as you can so that we can look into it.

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