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What is number provision?  |  0800  |  0845 
We can provide non-geographic UK numbers for your company which will be routed through to your 'real' phone numbers.  For example, if you would like to have some 0845 numbers that your customers could call, we could set those up for you, your customers could then ring you from anywhere in the UK and they'd only pay a Local call rate but the phone call would terminate on the phone number/s you allocate.
We also have a number management line - 0845 004 9799 - this is particularly useful for people who are self employed and work from different locations. Calls to our number management line will cost 5p per minute at all times plus your phone provider's Access Charge.
If you work from home you might not want to give out your home number as your main contact.  Get a number from us and you could have an 0845 number (for example) that you could set up to ring your home number between 0900 -1730 and then would divert to an answer service out of hours. 
Get a number from us and never miss an important call again! 

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We can provide other types of numbers too - premium rate, personal, etc; so if you'd like one of these please contact us.  Personal numbers mean that you can give your customers just one phone number and it will try each of your allocated numbers in turn until you answer the phone.  So you could have just one number which would ring on your home phone, your office phone and your mobile phone in turn.
If you have offices in other countries but would like them to have non-geographic UK numbers that's no problem, please just contact us.

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