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If you'd like to have our access number programmed into your switchboard so that your calls automatically go via Telesave, simply:  
One Contact our Customer Service department on 0800 066 4416 or e-mail us so that we may remove the voice prompts from your account (necessary for an automated service via a switchboard). 
Two Follow the instructions in your switchboard manual, or contact your maintenance agent, to program our indirect access code into your switchboard. 
To recharge your account: dial 12450 150
For customer services: dial 12450 154
To get your balance: dial 12450 196
Program our number into your switchboard and make sure all your calls are with us!


Please note: the above options are only available if your phone system is with British Telecom. 

If your phone system doesn't have a switchboard or is with a cable company you can still program our access code (12450 or 0800 066 2266) into a memory button on your phone, then all you will need to do is to press it to dial our access number and then dial the number you wish to call immediately afterwards.

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