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About Telesave  |  How you're charged
Billing will be from your phone line supplier and will be under their terms and conditions - for example, if your phone is with British Telecom, they bill in one second increments with a minimum call charge of 4.2p + VAT - so that's how your Telesave instant call would be billed by them.   If you are calling from a mobile or payphone - please check with your provider to make sure they don't charge extra for calls to our access numbers.
You will be billed by your phone provider for your call to our access number only; the number you dialled afterwards (the number of the person you were calling) isn't charged for as it's covered by the cost of your call to our access number and it won't appear on your bill, only your call to our access number will be shown.
Please note:  Charging starts as soon as your call to Telesave instant is connected - so if the number you're calling isn't answered or is engaged , please hang up promptly.

Woman hugging her phone bill

Love your phone bill!  
If you use Telesave instant for your international calls your phone bill will be so small that you'll want to hug it! 

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