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Q:  Can I use Telesave instant from a pay phone?
A:  Yes.  You can use it from any phone you want - pay phone, mobile phone, it works from any!  Do please check with the phone provider though to verify what rate they charge for our access number/s.
Q:  Can I use Telesave instant to call mobile phones?
A:  Yes.  Find the destination you want to call, if there's an access number for mobiles, use that.  If there isn't a separate access number shown for mobiles that means there isn't a surcharge to call mobiles in that country, so you just use the landline access number.
Q:  I use Telesave instant to call my sister in New York but her number never appears on my BT phone bill.  Why is that?
A:  It's because British Telecom bills you for your calls to our access number; the onwards calls to New York are made via Telesave instant, not via BT and so it won't show on your bill.
Q:  I use Telesave at home to phone my friends in Thailand but I notice that you offer a cheaper rate to Bangkok with Telesave instant.  Why is that and can I use it?
A: To answer the first part of your question - with some countries our carriers provide a cheaper call rate to a city than to the country as a whole, which means that we can offer a cheaper rate to those specific cities - with Telesave at home the countries and cities are assessed together to get the lowest possible rate for the country as a whole.  
As to your second question, you can of course use Telesave instant to call your friends in Bangkok!  All you would need to do is to use Telesave instant for your calls to Bangkok and Telesave at home for your calls to the rest of the country.
Q:  I only spoke to the person I was calling once but your 0871 number has shown up on my BT phone bill twice!
A:  That's because BT start charging you as soon as you are connected to Telesave instant (via our access number).  If the number you called was engaged, or the phone wasn't answered, BT will still charge you for the few seconds you were on the line to Telesave instant.  It shouldn't come to any more than their minimum call charge though as you know straight away if the line's engaged and if you let a phone ring, it doesn't ring for all that long before it's cut off even if you don't put the phone down before then.
Q:  Do I have to pay Telesave instant anything to use the service?
A:  No.  Your calls will be charged for by your phone provider and will be billed as per their usual billing system.  You don't need to register your phone, to pay us anything, or do to anything special to use our service - all you do is dial our access number (depending on where you're calling) and then just dial the number you want to call once you're through to Telesave instant!

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