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It's so easy to make calls with us!
One Go to our rates page and find the destination you want to call.
Two Dial 1530 927 054 (the Telesave instant-Ireland) access number and when you hear the prompt 'Please dial the number you wish to call', dial the number of the person you're calling.  Don't forget to include the international and country code.
Three Chat!

Phone the world from any phone anywhere in Ireland!

Red phone

Please make sure your phone is set to 'tone' rather than 'pulse' (almost all phones are automatically set to 'tone') - in other words when you press a key you hear a 'beep' rather than a click.  If your phone is on pulse, there may be a tone/pulse switch on the side, or the bottom, or you may need to press # or *# to get it to work as tone.
Example of how to make a call using Telesave instant-Ireland - if you were calling a friend in South Africa, you would go to our rates page and find South Africa on the list.  You would then dial our access number (1530 927 054) and when you heard the prompt 'Please dial the number you wish to call' you'd dial your friend's number in the following format - 00 (international dialling code) 27 (country code for South Africa) then whatever your friend's number was.  So you'd dial 1530 927 054 and then 0027xxxxxxxxx. 

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